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Sales and Marketing

Building sales and taking a company to the next level – beyond the stage of initial growth – is a big challenge for most entrepreneurs. Building a brand with a limited budget and resources in a competitive market place is indeed a great test for any business. The biggest challenge is for businesses to move from a sales force of one or two sales people to ten or more. Many successful entrepreneurs and General Managers get stuck with issues that end up hindering the continued growth of their top and bottom line.

We help medium size businesses “shift gears” and make the transition to a larger corporation by assisting with several key areas within the sales and marketing function. We help attract, hire, train and retain qualified sales people, put in place the right compensation plan, assist in the preparation of sales and marketing plans and provide coaching and mentoring to develop the right caliber of talents that will take the company to the next level through healthy growth of sales and effective marketing strategies.

Our assistance includes right pricing of products and services, advertising and promotions, brand building, website developments, social media expertise and sharp competitive analysis in addition to handling of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and tools.

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"Hugh, I just want to say what a pleasure it has been working with you. You were able to quickly assess gaps in our sales and marketing activities, formulate an effective action plan and then mentor the new business development manager. Your practical advice and tools (checklists, spread sheets, videos, etc.) have given us the tools to develop, evaluate and measure our new business developments."

Joe Brunski

Maverick Leadership

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business? A business manager who wants to get promoted and move up the corporate ladder?

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Proverbs 27:17

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