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Proven and Practical Strategies and Tactics to Achieve Strong Business Performance

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business? A business manager who wants to get promoted and move up the corporate ladder?

  • Hugh Latif's Maverick Leadership features 23 chapters dealing with specific aspects of management from strategic planning, recruiting, managing, leadership and team building, training, sales management, communications, and much more!
  • Gain the key skills and knowledge you need to become a great manager and grow your business.
  • Hands-on experience and insights from 22 years as an executive of the Dun & Bradstreet Nielsen Group and 20 years as a management consultant.
  • No trendy management theories and flavour of the month quick wins. Only proven and tested "how to's" that bring results.

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Testimonials and Reviews from our Readers

Richard P Shaw

President, EnPower Group

"Maverick Leadership consistently illustrates how Hugh has been such a successful leader throughout his career. He invites you along for the ride. A ride well worth taking for any business person at any level."

Dan Kelly

President and CEO, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

"Too often, small business owners are given empty platitudes about the importance of growth and leadership. Other times, advice received is too granular, leaving most business owners feeling left out. Maverick Leadership strikes a great balance between solid, practical advice and broader, strategic thinking that is important for a firm to excel. I learned a great deal from reading the book."

Jerry Amernic

Author and Media Consultant, Wordcraft Communications

"Hugh Latif has had a very successful career and has worked all over the world with all kinds of organizations. He draws from this wealth of experience in his excellent book, Maverick Leadership. Hugh is also a great communicator and this book is exactly what it says b practical advice to general managers, entrepreneurs and executives. He explains in an easy-to-understand format how to build a business and sustain it. The book is really about people and how to make a business work."

Learn what it means to be a Maverick Leader

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